The vision of Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries (MAFF) through the Agricultural Extension Policy in Cambodia is to increase the effectiveness of agricultural extension services delivery to improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of the Cambodian people. One of the key areas of the policy is to Strengthening Agricultural Education Institutions

The MAFF will strengthen educational and training institutions by:

  • Making new investments in agricultural education and training institutions to ensure adequate resources to expand and strengthen their ability to address limited human resource capacity with respect to number, knowledge, and skills.
  • Training an adequate number of extension workers, both men and women, and developing strategies to retain workers within the extension profession by maintaining market competitiveness.
  • Integrating agricultural extension curricula and topics in all agricultural education and training programs.
  • Engaging youth in agricultural extension dissemination programs.

To strengthen the capacity of the Commune extension workers(CEW’s), MAFF intends conduct in-service training through the training institutions, Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PNCA) has been selected to conduct these trainings through the support of the ASPIRE project.

This training curriculum has therefore been developed to support residential and eLearning training for the CEW’s.